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I love ALL of the pictures in here :heart:


Awesome art by awesome artists ~:heart:



World Of Pastel Lights by Inesu-Tan

OKAY THIS IS MY FIRST CRITIC. So, like I was saying on Skype, I really adore how this came out~ Your coloring skills are getting better...

Would anyone be interested in PayPal commissions if I opened them? The max price, aka a full picture is 10€ which, according to Google, is around 13 dollars. 

6 deviants said I'm interested!
4 deviants said Nah.

To do list

Last Updated - 21st April
Currently Working
Tracidicional coloured references for ALL my characters (Currently working on Ivory)
RustxSteam fic "Origins"

To Do
Alice Of Nightmaren Sacrifice Story & RPG game



Tradicional Commissions are [OPEN!]

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2014, 3:50 PM
Heya~ More complaints from stuff~! Enjoy!

And my little cousin just gave me a Twilight Sparkle figma from McDonalds yesssssssssssss, she had two of them but WAH WHO CARES, LET ME DROWN IN MY HAPPINESS. But that's not what I'm here to talk about though =3=

The computer worked perfectly fine yesterday and the day before aside some random shut downs but today it went back to it's original state where it would shut down without even loading anything in the first place! Right now I have no time to scan for virus again and run all the stuff I did to make it work in the first place, so tomorrow I'll see what I can do! I didn't install anything, my brother didn't either and I doubt my father would install anything as well so it's either something on the Software or the actual Hardware! I have no idea! Most probably the Hardware, but unless I'm missing something, I don't know why it doesn't shut down in Safety Mode, so I have my doubts, so yeah.

I'm back to using the potato computer on our hall, but there's not much I can do here, since this thing explodes if we install Google Chrome, I won't try to install anything here, not even my tablet's drivers so yeah. By being on Haitus, I mean there won't be digital art and I won't be so active. It kinda did me good not having a computer, since I've managed to practice with my Tradicional art from what you've seen from my recent stuff!

So I was wondering... Since I want to buy more art stuffs and other personal shiz from Ebay, I'm thinking of opening tradicional commissions since I'm on Easter Break at the moment and I have nothing productive to do! And, yeah you've guessed it! I can't buy shiz with DA Points:points:, so... Freaking PayPal!

I'll try not to make the prices too expensive but at the same time, not too cheap, because... You know... Some of the stuff I use isn't too cheap... Copics for example T3T But oh well. The rules are still the same, but here's a quick copypaste, slightly edited!

Rules and stuff
:bulletblack: You must pay me before I do your commission, I know it's actual money but getting money and not working makes me guilty and working then getting no money will make me mad.

:bulletblack: Please, please, PLEASE give me a clear reference of your character! Preferably digital, which also helps me get the character's colours better. c:

:bulletblack: If I mess up with your character's design, please do tell me and I'll change it. These will be tradicional pics so it might be harder but I'll still try!

:bulletblack: In commissions like "Full Picture", a good description of what exactly you want the character(s) to be doing helps a lot. c: Also a good description of the background would be nice and helpful!

:bulletblack: My drawing style tends to change a bit too quickly so some drawings might look better than others :I I really can't help this part!

:bulletblack: Sometimes I get a little lazy and take me days to start your commission. A simple "So... How the commission going?" is okay and actually motivates me to start/continue it, but if you ask that in less than 24 hours after you've payed for the commission and/or ask it every 5 minutes when you see me online, trust me, it will not work.

:bulletblack: When it comes to Copic commissions, please do show me your character first, since I might not have the correct colours for them! I've been expanding my colour chart recently but I'm still missing some colours!

What I will/won't draw
:bulletblack: I will do Nightmaren, Mobian, My Little Ponies, furries and Happy Tree Friend's characters. Any cartoony character in general is good~

:bulletblack: I will draw as many Sonic characters as you want, no complaints this time *Sigh*

:bulletblack: I will only draw humans if they're in chibi form. If you ask me to draw humans normally, I will warn you that I'm not good at them, so please do reconsider...

:bulletblack: I will not do any sort of Satanic theme, demons, or any characters with that symbology, I'm sorry.

:bulletblack: I won't draw Hentai, sex themes, etc.

:bulletblack: I'm okay with drawing gore though.

Coloured Pencils

Chibi - 3€

[No Picture Available]

My chibi style doesn't change in digital and tradicional, so if you find a certain chibi style you like, even if it's a digital pic, you can ask~

Bust - 4,5€

[No picture available]

Full Body - 5€

Commission 35 by MonoShuga

Full Picture With Background - 6€ for solid coloured background and 10€ for detailed background.

[No picture Available]

Extra Character - 1,5€

Oil Pastels

Bust - 5€

TOXiK Oil Pastel practice by MonoShuga

Full Picture With Background - 10€ for solid coloured background and 13€ for detailed background

Background practice by MonoShuga

Extra Character - 1,5€

Copic Markers

Chibi - 3€

Copic Chibies by MonoShuga (I have more styles, so you can ask)

Bust - 5,5€

[No picture available]

Full Body - 7€

Commission 36 by MonoShugaThe Show Must Go On by MonoShuga

With Background - 8€ for solid coloured background and 10€ for detailed background.

The Puppeteer by MonoShuga

Extra Character - 1,5€

I'm sorry I lack so many examples TT3TT They're mostly the same kinds of drawings, just with different... materials? Is that the right word? I don't know, no judge.

I know I said in my pool that my max price would be 10€, but I wasn't planning on adding pastel or copic commissions, I'm sorry :c I still hope it's fair though! A friend of mine told me my stuff was too cheap so idk... And my dad is too looking forward to this.

Contact me via Note, or Facebook and we'll discuss the everythings!
If you don't have me on Facebook, feel free to add me! Facebook Mobile is my friend so I'll mostly be quick to reply! The link's on my DeviantArtID, and so I'll gladly accept your friend request~!


1 - Commission 36 by MonoShuga - Finished
2 - OPEN

3 - OPEN

4 - OPEN

5 - OPEN

Love ya~!

JoanaTREX/MonoShuga 2014


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Joana Martins
Artist | Student | Varied

Portugal Stamp by l8Keep Calm and Eat fish by ChokorettoMilkuTuga Deviant by mauro-goncaloPortuguese Heritage Stamp by QuetzalLeoStamp Flag Portugal by HavickTheLion


Name: Joana

Age: 16

Birthday: 11th May (DA is lying OuO I'm NOT born in 5th May)

Sign: Taurus ♉ (Sun) / Cancer ♋ (Moon) / Gemini ♊ (Rising)

Mother tongue: European Portuguese

Speaks: Portuguese, English

Understands: English, Spanish, lil bitch of French.

Hobbies: Drawing, sewing, writing, cosplay, blogging, being with friends, collecting anime merchs, making Rust suffer.

Likes: Art, comics, plushies, dinosaurs, cats, astrology, baby animals, singing (Even if I suck), making friends laugh, giving gifts to people and candy.


God Tier: Maid of Void

Favorite colours: Purple, violet, orange, brown, black, white and grey

Favorite fandoms: NiGHTS, Sonic, Shingeki No Kyojin, Free!, Dangan Ronpa, My Little Pony - FiM, Hetalia, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homestuck, Happy Tree Friends.

3DS Friend Code: 3583-0082-8676

Favorite OTPs (One for each fandom): JacklexNiGHTS, KnucklesxRouge, NuttyxFlaky, DiscordxCelestia, WheatleyxGLADoS, KarkatxTerezi

(Tell me who you are or else I won't add you)

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"My biggest dream as an artist, is to become a huge inspiration to others the same way they inspired me. I do not wish to become better than anyone else, I just want to be good enough so that I can feel confident in my art and be able to help others get the confidence I never had."

"My biggest fear is how far human stupidity will go..."

"Some things come to those who wait. Good thing I'm a patient person~"

"Talk to me when after you actually tried to change things for the best"
~ JoanaTREX


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It was good ^v^
Fri May 24, 2013, 6:05 AM
thx school was a pain and how is your day
Thu May 23, 2013, 4:51 PM
You'll create more with time C:
Thu May 23, 2013, 6:28 AM
cool im not that good in creating nightmaren i have about 4 or 5 so far.
Wed May 22, 2013, 1:23 PM
I might have lost count XD But so far I have around 35 Nightmaren
Wed May 22, 2013, 7:35 AM
welcome so how many characters you made so far?
Tue May 21, 2013, 8:06 PM
Oh hello there silentmoonsupersonic~ C: I'm glad~ Thank you *Hugs*
Tue May 21, 2013, 12:43 PM
hi joanatrex i love your art and your skills
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I made something for you. ^^

MonoShuga Jan 29, 2014  Student General Artist
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VioletSkullRoses Jan 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ah, okay. ^^ I'm happy to hear that.
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I remember when you asked if I had skype~ Now I have~ uvu
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Sweet! *v* What's your name in it?
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